How do I schedule a baptism?
We typically schedule baptisms on the 3rd and 4th Sundays of the month. To schedule a baptism, please call the church office. 1-218-739-3348
How do I schedule my wedding?

Please call the church office.  For information about our wedding policies and procedures, please see our 
    Wedding Booklet  Wedding Form

How do I become a church member?
Just ask and we would be more than willing to let you know the nearest upcoming New Member Orientation and New Member Sunday Worship.  We trust that God wants First Lutheran to grow and your interest in Membership helps with this Mission. Thank you for your interest.  New member classes are scheduled in the fall and spring each year. If you are interested in membership, please contact the church office and we will be sure to keep you informed of new member classes as they occur. 1-218-739-3348
How do I set up a visit from a pastor?
Just ask Pastor Gretchen where she can meet via phone, email or text. She is always interested in welcoming new faces into her church office for conversation, prayer or spiritual direction. 1-218-739-3348