Full Time Middle & High School Program Coordinator

Middle and High School Program Coordinator
for Augustana Lutheran Church and First Lutheran Church

Purpose: The Middle and High School Program Coordinator is to foster environments to nurture faith formation, personal and spiritual development, a life-long connection to the church through personal involvement and leadership, and interpersonal connections within the youth groups, congregations, and the broader community. Doing so through well planned, engaging, purposeful, and fun activities and events for 5th-12th graders. The broad vision for this ministry is to prepare young people for living a life in Christ.

Position: The Middle and High School Program Coordinator (grades 5-12) is a salaried position (salary range is $33,000-$40,000 depending on qualifications, plus benefits package) with numerous programming demands on evenings and weekends. The Middle and High School Program Coordinator will be expected to adhere to the employee handbook, applicable codes of conduct, and recognize that both their personal and professional time will be that of an example to numerous youth that identify them as a role model in their daily lives. The coordinator will lead all interactions and programming in accordance with the Mission and Welcome Statements of both congregations.

Collaboration and Partnership: The position is collaborative and simultaneous between Augustana Lutheran Church of Fergus Falls and First Lutheran Church of Fergus Falls. The goal of the position is to work with youth and families within these congregations and to open the programming and faith formation opportunities to new-comers by encouraging participation that includes friends of the congregational youth. Collaborating with other ELCA youth programing in Fergus Falls is expected.

Accountability: The Middle and High School Program Coordinator is directly supervised by Augustana Lutheran Senior Pastor in conjunction with the Executive Committee and ultimately the Congregational Council of Augustana Lutheran Church. This supervision will be done in consult with the Senior Pastor at First Lutheran Church and as necessary the Executive and Congregational Council at First Lutheran Church. In addition, this position is accountable to the Youth and Family Boards/Committees of both congregations and/or a newly formed joint Youth Position Committee. The Augustana Staff Support Committee will be the available to the employee, the Senior Pastor, and the Executive Council as needed and to assist with reviews and other employment matters as outlined in the Employee Handbook, Augustana Constitution and Bylaws, and the Staff Support Continuing Resolution.

Working Conditions and Support: Youth office space will be provided at both congregations. Office support, supplies, and technological tools will be provided at Augustana Lutheran and First Lutheran. A laptop will be assigned to the employee for use on and off premises. Attendance at weekly staff meetings at both Augustana Lutheran and First Lutheran is expected, as well as time spent working in both buildings and in the mission field. A regular schedule of activities and office hours will be posted with both congregations and reviewed by both Senior Pastors and Congregational Presidents as needed.

Worship Life: The employee is expected to rotate between congregations on Sunday mornings (and Wednesdays as appropriate) to maximize interaction at both congregations and visibility to worship attendees.

A. Encourage, organize, and empower varied youth participation in the worship life of the congregation. Work with youth, worship staff, and volunteers to design and implement the telling of God’s word through Youth Ministry at Augustana Lutheran and First Lutheran during the worship life of the congregations. (Examples: youth storytelling, videos, testimony, and worship leadership after a mission trip).

B. Work collaboratively with the Pastors, Worship Boards/Committees, other staff, and volunteers to lead at least one youth lead service a year at each congregation.

C. Assist the Pastors and other staff and volunteers in coordinating special worship services throughout the year, including during Holy Week. As appropriate coordinate and assist with Christmas Programs and encourage participation with Middle and High School Youth in special programming or special music opportunities.

D. Participate as a worshipper and as a worship leader/participant when possible at both congregations.

E. Make announcements at the worship service regarding youth activities. Ensure that bulletin announcements are accurate, and the calendar of youth events is updated by working with office staff in accordance with submission deadlines.

Faith Formation:

A. Plan, prepare for, publicize, and lead middle and high school youth group by engaging youth from Augustana, First Lutheran, and other churches, and those without a home church. Ensure programming is church-based, fun, and focused on growing spirituality in our youth. Nurture a culture of faith practices such as prayer, scripture reading, service to others, relationship and team building in programming. To do this in a way that is appealing to youth, strive to offer a fun and diverse mix of activities and programming throughout the year that includes mission work. Some other activity ideas that could be incorporated into programming could include a hands-on project, games, other recreational activities, a bible, or team building trivia, a brief video segment, a group bible activity, a service project/mission project, or a community outreach opportunity. Review the weekly activity and lesson plan with the Pastor to assure that the planned activity is consistent with the overall current theme.

B. Organize and lead quarterly (at a minimum) special events for 5th – 12th graders throughout the year in addition to weekly programming. Depending on the activity or special event work with the Youth and Family Boards/Committees to identify the appropriate target audience for each planned event (examples: 5th-6th grades, 5th-8th grades, 7th-8th grades, 7th-12th grades, and 9th-12th grades) These activities are to be larger in nature and should be planned for and viewed as cornerstone activities throughout the church year. Work in conjunction with and provide the Youth and Family Boards/Committees with event plans and details throughout the planning stages. Some examples of this activity mix could be a lock-in, larger mission work activities, and recreational based excursions.

C. In addition to planning family events for 5th-8th grade families, encourage participation in family events at each congregation by 5th-8th graders and their families and help to promote these activities to this age group and their parents. Organize multiple multi-generational opportunities for youth group families to participate in and others from within the congregation/community in regular programming.

D. Plan, prepare for, publicize, and lead 5th and 6th grade youth group. Ensure programming is church-based, fun, and maintains a focus of growing spirituality in our youth. Strive to offer a diverse mix of programming and activities, including outreach and mission work. Weekly events should focus on a message and could include a craft/hands on project, a short game, a bible or team building trivia, a brief video segment, a group bible activity, a service project/mission work, or a community outreach opportunity. Review the weekly activity and lesson plan directly with the pastor on a weekly basis (ideally by the end of the prior week to allow ample time for conversation and review).

E. Coordinate and lead fundraisers as needed for desired/board/committee directed programming. Take an active leadership role in the fundraising that youth currently participate in at both congregations. Including, but not limited to Cinnamon Roll Sunday, Chili Dinner, and Easter Breakfast.

F. Promote and encourage attendance at the Northwest Minnesota Synod Junior High Gathering, Senior High Gathering, and the 5th grade gathering. Attend the gathering as one of the adult leaders.

G. Facilitate and implement the planning, registration, and fundraising process for the ELCA National Gatherings.

H. Encourage attendance at Luther Crest Bible Camp. Attend camp when youth are present. Work with the Pastor, and Youth Boards/Committees to explore the opportunities for retreats at Luther Crest.

I. Work with the Youth and Family Boards/Committees and other boards/committees as appropriate to coordinate 5th-12th grade involvement in fundraising, family events, volunteer opportunities, and church functions such as Mission Meals, St. Lucia, Harvest Dinner, and Lenten Dinners.

J. Participate and support the Youth and Family boards/committees in a once-a-year planning and wishful thinking meeting with families. Plan for, coordinate, and lead a fall parent night for all 5th-12th graders to communicate activity plans, recruit volunteers, and plan desired activities for the year. Develop a 12-month rolling calendar for 5th-12th grade activities.

K. Maintain cleanliness and organization of the youth rooms at both churches.

L. Assist with confirmation as requested and help plan attend confirmation retreats.

M. Focus on relational Ministry with 5th-12th graders by attending sporting events, concerts, and school activities as time allows, while at the same time, recognizing that priorities of this position are with the numerous other duties and that they should be the primary focus of the work week. Visit each of the 5th-12th grade schools (where we have participants attending) over the noon hour once a month during the school year.

N. Become a leader and engage fully in the Fergus Falls Young Life Program. Regularly participate in Wyldlife and Young Life Club. Encourage attendance at Young Life Programming for youth at Augustana Lutheran Church and First Lutheran Church. Promote church youth activities at Young Life Club and Wyldlife gatherings. Attend Young Life Camp and retreats when congregational members are planning on attending.

O. Assist the Sunday School Coordinators and other youth staff in recruiting adult volunteers for Rally Sunday activities. Provide a support role for Rally Sunday and promote attendance to 5th-12th graders through all platforms.

P. Recruit a team of volunteers that will help stimulate youth ministry and provide support for youth ministry at Augustana Lutheran and First Lutheran Churches.

Q. Provide the point of contact and communication, including a weekly email for young people and their families throughout the year.


A. Participate in meetings with Pastor and other youth staff to coordinate, plan, and review youth and family programming. Prior to each staff meeting, provide a short-written overview via email to the Pastors of the workplan and schedule for the upcoming week and a work product report from the previous week. These reports will be available to the executive and staff support committee as requested.

B. Meet with Youth and Family Boards/Committees and/or Joint Youth Position Board regularly. Provide agenda items one week in advance of meetings to board chairs regarding activities/events relative to this position, along with a review of relevant budget line items. Provide a written overview of your previous month’s activities and outcomes and upcoming plans to each board prior to their meeting to help streamline meeting lengths. Recognize the role that this position has on the Youth and Family Board/Committee is that of a 5th-12th grade youth leader.

C. Provide a written report to the Augustana Lutheran and First Lutheran councils each month. The report is to include an overview of each activity from the previous month, including the breakdown of the number of volunteers and students (members and non-members) at each activity or youth group. Attend council as requested.

D. Prepare and distribute to the appropriate parties’ monthly newsletter articles that include photos, email blast/constant contact materials, social media, and bulletin information on a regular basis. Use social media to provide doorways and visibility to youth programming by regular posts on the Augustana and First Lutheran Facebook and Instagram pages.

E. Provide regular content to the office administrators for posting on the Augustana and First Lutheran website in a timely manner. Learn from the Office Administrators how to manage youth portions of the websites and update independently.

F. Maintain a record of participants in all scheduled events and activities, including registration and appropriate background check, and health forms. Maintain record of lesson plans, activity plans, and parental communications for each event/youth group session and make an overview of those available to the respectable boards and supervisors as requested.

G. Work with the Youth and Family Boards/Committees and/or the Cooperative Youth Position Board to formulate annual budgets. Operate all programming within the annual budgets. Track the budget line items and maintain and submit financial records in a timely manner.

H. Communicate with volunteers, students, and parents through multiple methods (such as group texts to parents and emails) on each activity and opportunity for 5th-12th grade students at Augustana and First Lutheran. Advanced, regular, and complete communication with the parents is critical to success of these programs. Maintain up to date program planning documents that include communication details. Make these plans/records available upon request.

I. Communicate with other partner church offices/staff as needed for appropriate publication/promotion for their youth and parents. Provide copies of reports to other partner congregations as requested.

J. Attend monthly Youth Workers Roundtable meetings and provide an overview of topics discussed/event plans to staff and Youth and Family Boards/Committees as appropriate.

Other: Other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastors or the Executive Counsel.

Continuing Education: In collaboration with the Senior Pastors, Youth and Family Boards/Committees and/or the Joint Youth Position Board, and the Executive Committee, identify continuing education opportunities that are helpful to the mission of the congregations and will contribute to the youth program initiatives while being respectful of limited funding sources.

Core Competencies:

• Commitment to the Christian Faith in the Lutheran tradition, specifically the ELCA with a strong desire and ability to help develop that faith in youth.
• Personal faith practices of prayer, scripture reading, and service to others.
• Genuine love and passion for working with children of all ages.
• A spirit of joy and hope in the midst of daily life.
• Demonstrated high level of personal and professional integrity.
• Strong organizational and leadership skills. Including the ability to organize and lead groups and relate well with others one-on-one and in group settings.
• Desire to foster leadership in young people.
• Professional, self-starter, that takes initiative and is goal-orientated.
• Superior communication skills with the demonstrated ability to excel in the areas of verbal and written communication methods particularly with young people and adults.
• Proven ability to work as a team player with other staff and volunteers.
• Attention to detail combined with the ability to multi-task and effective time-management skills.
• Familiarity with Social Media platforms.
• Respect the need for professional confidentiality.
• Willingness to make “cold calls” to youth, parents, and volunteers.
• Reside within a 30-mile radius of Fergus Falls. (Consideration may be made by the hiring committee for a one-time relocation allowance)
• Pass applicable background checks prior to formal employment agreement.
• Valid US Driver’s License.
• Ability to work evenings and weekends.
• Formal education in working with children, youth, and families preferred.
• A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience preferred.
• Experience in youth ministry and/or camping ministry preferred.
• Musical/Fine Arts background preferred.

*Position is subject to a 90 day trial period.

Sound and Camera Help

We are looking for two people on Sunday Mornings willing to run sound and do the live streaming for our 9:30am Church Services.  We will need people for two different positions: sound system and running the camera linked to YouTube.  There will be training and support for both positions.  Pay will be $20 each service. If you are willing to help with either position, please contact the church office.